…but above all, although these paintings consist of a thousand layers of ordinary acrylic paint and are therefore material, they lack any tangible substance. One would think one was diving into a coloured gas cloud if one were to penetrate the colour spaces with a finger.

…and there is something else that makes these pictures unique: not only do they seem absolutely insubstantial, weightless, they also seem to be in constant motion. Deyle’s pictures vibrate as if they were kinetic structures. In this way, this artist transcends all the boundaries and conditions of being of painted pictures, although he does nothing other than paint, and he demonstrates to us with his colour surfaces what colour actually is for our eyes: pure light. In this way he is unparalleled.

Rainer Zerbst, Transzendenz der Farbe 2019

Thomas Deyle

  • 1957 Born in Munich
  • 1966 – 70 Stay in Tokyo/Japan
  • 1978 – 84 Studied art education at the Stuttgart Art Academy
  • 1979 – 82 Studies of History at the University of Stuttgart
  • 1984 – 85 Second degree in painting at the Stuttgart Art Academy
  • 1986 – 95 Freelance work in Stuttgart
  • 1991 – 93 Teaching at the VHS Kirchheim/Teck
  • 1995 Moved to Cologne
  • 1998 – 2001 Managing Director of Kunsthof Köln GmbH

Colour is the subject of his pictures and at the same time their object in the literal sense. It presents itself as both a material and immaterial phenomenon and in this dialectic reveals its fundamental qualities as well as its capacity for difference, which transcends all conceptual capacity.

In its pictorial appearance, it is rationally comprehensible and yet also a medium of the irrational. It is surface and also virtual space, is physical as a pictorial object and at the same time opens up metaphysical aspects of space.

Lothar Romain (1944 – 2005)