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What is an Original Print?
The term Original Print has been known since the second half of the
19th Century. But not until the 20th Century it has been clearly defined.
According to W. Koschatzky there are several possiblities for the definition,
e. g.:  

1. If the idea for the piece of art as well as the printing plate (printing block, plate, lithographic drawing) derives from one single artist, and the artist himself is printing and signing the limited prints.  

2. If the printing plate is made by the artist himself, but the printing is done by a professional printer, whereas the artist is supervising the printing and limiting the number of the prints.  

In 1964 the Comité National de la Gravure Francaise has defined the criteria for Original Prints as follows :  

“Original Prints are to be regarded as such if their printing in black or in colors was done from one or several plates created entirely by the hand of one single artist … excluding all mechanical and photomechanical procedures.”  

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