Basically, Koehler is fascinated by the question of how colour happens at all. Bim Koehler does not use colour, but allows colour to emerge in his paintings. His works are manifestations of this process of creation.

Dr. Tobias Hoffmann, Berlin

Bim Koehler

  • 1949 born in Kassel

Lives and works in Rheinhessen/Rheinland-Pfalz

“Look again at the picture of Bim Koehler. So many colours. It is so beautiful and radiant because there are so many colours crossing, overlapping and touching. The picture lives from the fact that we don’t get an overview. Nor can we recognise the beginning and the end. Which line was the first, which the last? It could go on endlessly like this – endlessly diverse.”

“In Bim Koehler’s paintings, new colours emerge that he did not actually paint. They emerge through touch, where colours cross. There, new spaces of colour emerge.”

Silke Hennig, Frankfurt. Art Impulse. Ed. Dr. Markus Zink, Frankfurt, 2016.

“….in his object paintings, to be precise, Koehler deals with the phenomenon of colour as a pure expressive force. In doing so, he relies on the complete elimination of the figurative in order to focus attention on the intensity of colour, so that the expressiveness of colour, rather than the expressiveness of gesture, takes precedence in his composition.”

M. A. Tanja Malycheva; Berlin, 2016.