Camill Leberer

Opening: April 12, 2024, 7 pm
Discussion of the exhibition by Dr. René Hirner.

Let the art take effect on you and enjoy the evening
with a good glass of wine and interesting conversations with Camill Leberer.



art KARLSRUHE 2024

art KARLSRUHE, 22 – 25 February 2024 – International Fair for Classic Modern and Contemporary Art

The time has come again and art KARLSRUHE has opened its doors. In newly structured halls, 177 exhibitors from 13 countries present the works of their artists. We are part of it and are delighted about it.

Art needs encounters, which is why we cordially invite you to visit us again this year in Hall 1, booth H1/A02. We are showing works by Nicholas BODDE, Nikola DIMITROV, Gerhard FRÖMEL, Yeunhi KIM, Imi KNOEBEL, Bim KOEHLER, Camill LEBERER, Jürgen PAAS, Violetta Elisa SELIGER, Markus F. STRIEDER, Annette WESSELING, Martin WILLING and Bernd ZIMMER.

Have we aroused your curiosity? Then browse through our exhibition catalogue.

You can find more information about the fair at



Annette Wesseling

We cordially invite you to the vernissage on November 24, 2023, 7 pm.
The artist will be present and will talk about her work.

Here is a small excerpt from her “Text zur Arbeit”:

Questions about the limits and possibilities of the spectrum arise, for example, when colored cotton cloths are exposed to sunlight and the weather, as in the works of my series UV Graphic and Meteo Graphic.
Nature and environmental influences play an important role in my artistic practice, they become co-authors and take on a creative function.



Opening hours:
Wednesday to Friday 3 – 6 p.m.
Always also by appointment


Today, many contemporary artists choose paper as an unusual and special image carrier. Paper is one of the most elementary materials in art.

This is shown by Nikola Dimitrov, Rudolf Draheim, Reinhild Gerum, Rasso Hecker, Bim Koehler, Frieder Kühner, Jürgen Paas, A.R. Penck, Violetta Elisa Seliger, Alan Shields, Frank Stella, Jürgen Stimpfig, Markus F. Strieder and Bernd Zimmer in our exhibition ALL PAPER.

Vernissage: September 15, 2023, 7 p.m.

Discussion of the exhibition by Dr. René Hirner, Heidenheim.

We are looking forward to your coming


Jürgen-Paas, Bernd-Zimmer, Frank-Stella, Reinhild-Gerum

Jürgen Paas, Bernd Zimmer, Frank Stella,


Jürgen Paas


Bernd Zimmer

Jürgen-Stimpfig, Markus-Strieder

Jürgen Stimpfig, Markus F. Strieder


Jürgen Stimpfig

Markus-Strieder, Rudolf-Draheim

Markus F. Strieder, Rudolf Draheim

Reinhild-Gerum, A.R.-Penck, Nikola-Dimitrov

Reinhild Gerum, A.R. Penck, Nikola Dimitrov


Violetta Elisa Seliger


Nikola Dimitrov


Rudolf Draheim


Reinhild Gerum


Rasso Hecker


Bim Koehler


Frieder Kühner


Jürgen Paas


Violetta Elisa Seliger


Markus F. Strieder

11468 full sheet

Bernd Zimmer


Opening hours:
Wednesday to Friday 3 – 6 p.m.
Always also by appointment

after art 23

We are back from a successful art Karlsruhe. As always, it was a highlight for visitors, galleries and artists.

Not everybody had the opportunity to come to Karlsruhe, therefore we cordially invite you:
Apero on Friday, May 26, 2023, from 6 to 9 pm in the gallery.

We are looking forward to a nice evening with good conversations and lovely guests.


Nicholas Bodde


Thomas Deyle


Thomas Deyle


Nikolas Dimitrov


Nikolas Dimitrov


YeunHi Kim

14134 - framed

Imi Knoebel


Bim Koehler


Camill Leberer


Merkus F. Strieder


Bernd Zimmer


Bernd Zimmer





As a fair for classical modern and contemporary art, art KARLSRUHE spans 120 years of art history. From May 4 to 7, around 210 galleries show the spectrum of art, starting with works of the 20th century up to works fresh from the studio.

We also present our program with works by Nicholas BODDE, Thomas DEYLE, Nikola DIMITROV, Friedhelm FALKE, Gerhard FRÖMEL, Yeunhi KIM, Bim KOEHLER, Imi KNOEBEL, Camill LEBERER, Reiner SELIGER, Markus F. STRIEDER, Martin WILLING and Bernd ZIMMER and are looking forward to your visit at our booth (hall 3 / booth H01).
Take a look at our exhibition catalog to get a first impression of the works.

For more information about the fair please visit




Markus Strieder, Nikola Dimitrov, Nicholas Bodde


Bim Koehler, Markus Strieder, Thomas Deyle


Imi Knoebel, Rainer Seliger, Bim Koehler


YeunHi Kim, Gerhard Frömel


Friedhelm Falke, Gerhard Frömel, Nikola Dimitrov


Thomas Deyle,


Gerhard Frömel, Nikola Dimitrov, Camill Leberer, Martin Willing