Transparency – Transcendence

“By deliberately avoiding the detailed nuance of color, the focus is on the nature being observed.”

Dealing with “nature” is always subjective.
So I’m concerned with the beauty of the ephemeral but ever-renewing nature that is hidden from view in everyday life.
In detail, it is the forces that produce everything that surrounds us: Water, earth, air, growth …
and last but not least, the connection to man as part of the whole, a longing for the lost paradise.

And then I would like to see my works in their appearance as a counterpart to a self-destructive consumer society in which scale has been lost. In other words, simplicity as a force against supposed diversity.

YeunHi Kim

Yeunhi Kim

  • 1955 born in Seoul, Korea
  • 1968 first intensive study of Asian ink painting
  • 1970 collective exhibition of traditional Asian painting in Seoul
  • 1971 moved to Brazil
  • 1975 Escola Panamericana de Arte, São Paulo
    awarded the prize “Mencao Honorosa”
    illustration for several children’s books “Editora Abril ‘, São Paulo
  • 1979 study tour with stops in Cologne, Koblenz, Munich
  • 1980 studied painting and ceramics at the Libera Accademia di Bella Arti Genoa / Imperia, Italy
  • 1984 participation in the XVI Rassegna Nazionale di pintura, Milano
    awarded the prize “Coppa dell ‘Unione del Commercio e Turismo del di Milano”